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Saturday, June 20, 2020

How to choose in departmental B.Ed. Departmental B.Ed.Selection Process | How to selection in BEd

How to choose in departmental B.Ed. Departmental B.Ed. Selection Process 

Teachers applying online for Departmental B.Ed , it is very important to know how selection / selection is done. Today's article will tell about this information. If you also want to know how to apply and selection in this, then this post is very useful for you. 

Hello friends , welcome to our website . As usual, today you will have a new and very useful information to be told in today's article. Today's article is very important for those teachers who have applied or are applying online for departmental B.Ed. 

Friends Earlier, in the previous article, we have explained in full detail how to apply online for departmental B.Ed./Ed . If you want to know about it then read it - How to apply online for departmental B.Ed. 

How to choose in departmental B.Ed. 

In the previous article, the complete information of how to apply online has been given, which got very good results. Thousands of people have read this article and have also asked some questions. For example, how is the selection done in departmental B. Ed, who can apply for it etc. 

Friends, today's article will answer the questions of all those colleagues who asked about the selection process, this article is a bit long but very useful. Please read to the end for complete information.

There is also some important information that you should know before telling about how the selection is done in Departmental B.Ed. So, friends first learn about some important things.  

Who can apply for departmental B. Ed?

As it is clear from the name itself that it is departmental, it means someone is related to some department. Since we are talking about B. Ed and M. Ed, which is related to the Department of Education. And this degree is usually for teachers. 

Here departmental B.Ed directly means to train and train the teachers posted in the education department who are not untrained, that is, not done B.Ed or D.Ed. In this way, government teachers can take advantage of it. 

Application for Departmental B.Ed can be done by lecturer / lecturer LB / Teacher / Teacher LB / Assistant Teacher / Assistant Teacher LB / Pradhan Pathak and Panchayat Teacher. 

How to apply online 

We have given information about how to apply for B.Ed or M.Ed online in our previous article. You can get full information by going to our website . Or access the article by touching on the link given below. 


Learn how to get selected in departmental B.Ed. 

Departmental B.Ed has some selection rules which teachers are selected by the department on fulfillment. You are explained below what is the rule of selection and which teacher is selected first. So let's know about the selection process. 

विभाग Departmental advertisement is released every year by the State Council of Educational Research and Training, Raipur Chhattisgarh (SCERT). 

➤ After the advertisement is issued, the teachers posted in government schools apply online by visiting the website of SCERT on the prescribed date. 

के Before applying online, the teacher is required to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the principal / headteacher of his school and the concerned District Education Officer. Because applications without NOC will not be accepted. 

SC All applications received by the due date are scrutinized by SCERT . The participating teacher is terminated if there is an error in the application. 

शिक्षक It is mandatory for the teacher applying for B.Ed. to have at least 50 percent marks in graduation. Along with this, exemption will be applicable for those who are eligible for exemption. 

➤ The applications found correct are separated according to their category (lecturer / teacher / assistant teacher / headteacher). And seniority is prepared according to the prescribed seat. 

Order of preference for selection 

For teachers of School Education Department E&T cadre - On the application received in this category, the order of priority is in the order of higher post to lower post. The sequence is as follows -

Lecturer ➤ Headmaster upper primary school ➤ High grade teacher ➤ Principal reader Primary school ➤ Assistant teacher 

For School Education Department Teacher Cadre LB and Panchayat / Urban Body Teachers - The order of preference for this is as follows - 

Lecturer  LB  ➤  Lecturer (Panchayat) ➤ Teacher LB ➤ Teacher (Panchayat) ➤ Assistant Teacher  LB ➤ Assistant Teacher (Panchayat)  

Course admission rules 

➤  be employed on the terms described above teacher who has passed the examination of graduation with set scores and trained D Ed / B t i / DL Ed may apply, but priority will be given to untrained teachers. 

 selection BED will be based on seniority. If two or more applicants have the same seniority, then the teacher with higher age will be given admission. 

शिक्षक Admission will not be given to the working teacher during the probation period, such teacher is not allowed to apply. 

अधिकतम The maximum age of the teacher / candidate applying should not be more than 55 years as on 01 July 2020 of the year of admission. 

सीटों Departmental B.Ed course seats have been reserved for teachers of School Education Department (E, T, LB) cadre and Panchayat and Rural Development and Urban body cadre. 

सीटें If the seats of one department remain vacant, those seats can be filled by the teachers of the other department. 

सीटें If the seats of any department are vacant, the post from the same department will be filled with seniority, even after that, if the seats remain vacant, then those seats will be filled by the teachers of School Education Department E, School Education Department T, School Education Department LB and Panchayat and Urban Body Cadre. Will be filled in order. 

Understand the order of filling of seats with the following example 

For example, if the school education department is the seat of lecturer of e-cadre, the head reader of the same department will be filled with upper primary school / upper class teacher. Even after this, the seat will be filled by the primary school if the seat is vacant. 

If the seats of the department remain vacant even after the said process, those seats will be filled in the same order from the School Education Department T cadre. Also, if the seats of the T cadre remain vacant, they will be filled in the same order from the E Cadre. 

If even after changing the seats as per the procedure mentioned above, if the seats remain vacant, then the school education department will be filled by the teachers of LB cadre and the panchayat and rural development department / urban body cadre. 

It is mandatory to submit the photocopy of the appointment / promotion order on the present post along with the application and the photocopy of the service book containing the day / date of joining the teacher appointed by direct recruitment, otherwise the application will be rejected. 

Candidates can submit the hard copy of the application directly or by post to the government education college concerned. 

Transfer certificate will not be required at the time of admission from departmental candidates / teachers.  

B.Ed. Total Seats 

Seats are decided for admission to B.Ed. Half of the seats have been earmarked for direct recruitment and half for departmental departmental recruitment. 

150-150 seats have been earmarked in both education colleges (Bilaspur / Raipur) for the session 2020-22. In which 75 -75 seats are reserved for departmental teachers. 

From the table below, you can see the distribution of total seats in both education colleges.

Education college affiliated districts 

Friends, it is also important to know that in the two education colleges we have given you information about the allocation of seats, in which districts departmental candidates of which districts can take admission in which education college? is. 

So, friends tell you about the districts associated with both education colleges. In which you can apply. 

1 जिले Districts affiliated to Government Institute of Advanced Education Studies Bilaspur - There are 11 districts affiliated to this education college, whose name is as follows -

  1. Bilaspur 
  2. Korba 
  3. Janjgir 
  4. Raigad 
  5. Jashpur 
  6. Surguja 
  7. Surajpur 
  8. Balrampur 
  9. Korea 
  10. Mungeli 
  11. Gorella Pendra Marwahi 
2 जिले Districts affiliated to Government Teacher Education College Raipur - There are total 17 districts affiliated to this education college, whose name is as follows-

  1. Raipur 
  2. Mahasamund 
  3. Durg 
  4. Rajnandgaon 
  5. Kawardha 
  6. Bastar 
  7. Dantewada 
  8. Dhamtari 
  9. Kanker 
  10. Unmatched 
  11. Balodabazar 
  12. Balod 
  13. Gariaband 
  14. Sukma 
  15. Bijapur 
  16. Kondagaon 
  17. Narayanpur 
In today's article, how to get selected in  departmental B.Ed. Departmental B.Ed.Selection Rule | The complete information of How to selection In BEd has been told, if you like this article, then share it in other people or in your teacher community so that they can also take advantage of it. 

If there is any kind of confusion related to departmental B.Ed. or if there is any doubt, then you can ask for complete help by writing in the comment box. And similar new and useful search directly in Google .

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